Moving to Poland – Visa

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Poland chose not only to join the EU but also to become part of the Schengen Zone which means free travel for European citizens, with no visa requirements.

EU citizens, even from outside the Schengen Area, can enter Poland and seek work without needing a visa.

There are some countries which Poland has agreed to waive the visa on for short stays of up to 90 days. These include Japan, Australia, Canada […]

Moving to Norway – Visa

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Despite not being in the EU, Norway is part of the Schengen area which allows free travel within member states. Short-term visits are much easier for EU nationals and anyone holding a visa for a Schengen country.

Any national of an EEA country can visit Norway for up to 90 days without any visa or permit but will need a passport with at least six months duration remaining. Norwegian Border Control […]

Moving to Netherlands – Visa

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Much like many countries in Europe, The Netherlands accepts visitors from the EU/EEA, plus their immediate family, without the need for a visa or entry documentation. However, individuals must register to receive citizen registration numbers if they expect their visit to be longer than four months.If you are moving to the Netherlands from further afield, you will need a visa to enter plus a residence permit if you wish to […]

Moving to Luxembourg – Visa

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If you are moving to Luxembourg from elsewhere in the EU, you won’t need a visa to live in the country, even if you’re planning on working. However, if you’re expecting to stay longer than 90 days, you’ll need to register with the Luxembourg authorities.

Individuals who are moving to Luxembourg from outside the EU will require a visa plus a work permit. However, when a job is available, an EU […]

Moving to Ireland – Visa

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The visa requirements for Ireland depend on where from you’re travelling. If you’re moving to Ireland from the UK, you won’t need any permits or visas to live or work. You will still need a valid passport for entry.

Ireland is part of the EU. As such, fellow EU citizens enjoy very similar rights to migrants from the UK. Other than a very few narrow limitations, EU nationals and the Swiss […]

Moving to Germany – Visa

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Currently, it is easy for EU residents moving to Germany; With the decision to leave the EU we are yet to discover how this will affect Brits looking to make a move to any country within Europe. Once you arrive, you will need to inform the authorities immediately of your presence. If you leave it, you could face trouble later down the line.

It is possible for non-EU residents to move […]

Moving to Belgium – Visa

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Members of any other EU countries may enter Belgium without the need to obtain a visa. There is no limit on the amount of time they may remain in the country but they will need a residence permit if they decide to stay longer than three months.

Belgium is also a Schengen country which allows free movement from any other Schengen nation without any further visas required.

Visitors from outside the EU […]

Moving to Gibraltar – Visa

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Gibraltar’s status is unusual because it is a British Overseas Territory. As such, it has its own Parliament and passes its laws. The UK remains responsible for handling its foreign affairs, including its relationship with Europe and the EU.

Indeed, Gibraltar has an exceptional relationship with the EU. If you come from a Schengen country, you will also be able to visit Gibraltar without a visa. However this only allows for […]

Moving to Slovenia – Visa

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Slovenia is part of the EU and also a member of the Schengen Zone. As such, it allows free travel between the various nations to any individual who holds the relevant Schengen visa.

EU nationals do not require a visa to enter Slovenia, and they may remain as long as they like. You do not need any additional permit for working or setting up a business. Any trips which are likely […]

Moving to Slovakia – Visa

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If you’re moving to Slovakia from elsewhere in the EU, you won’t need to get a visa to be able to work. However, you will need to register for permanent residency for tax purposes. If you begin working your employer will need to register your presence with the relevant government agencies within seven days.

If you’re moving to Slovakia from outside the EU, you will need to obtain a temporary residence […]