Moving to Italy – Healthcare


Italy is one of the healthiest places to live. Not only is the diet extremely good for you; the standards of the healthcare is exceptionally high. The World Health Organisation ranks the Italian healthcare system the second best in the world. The structure of the system in Italy is a mixture of public and private care. All Italians and EU citizens receive either free or low-cost cover from the state. Non-EU nationals need to hold full residency status to benefit from the same access.

The National Health Service in Italy is the Servizio Sanitario Nazionale (SSN). It is funded by contributions via tax and topped up with government funds. The level of contributions is set relatively high compared to other nations, almost 10%, and it’s not possible to opt out. There can be a disparity in the quality of care provided, with the north generally providing the better options. However, even in the south, the standards are still very high and certainly more than acceptable for any new residents arriving from elsewhere.

It is possible to top up your cover with private healthcare, but you will not be exempted from paying your contributions, even if you have your cover.

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