Planning a move overseas is a big step, so when it comes to removals to Czechia, you’ll need a helping hand. It will help if you do your homework in advance. Learning about the culture, language and what to expect will prepare you for the coming new chapter in your life.

Moving to another country always involves lots of paperwork and planning. Part of this is about understanding the rules around Customs; A reputable international moving company will help to provide you with advice but get to grips with the basics first.

To import your household goods, you will need to be registered with the local authorities. You will also be prohibited from selling any of your items for the duration of your stay in Czechia; Furthermore, all the items must be at least six months old.

One big consideration is whether to take your existing car. Buying a vehicle is a big expense, you may want to take your car to cut down on costs. This is entirely possible, but there is a long list of documentation you will need to produce; the car must be no older than five years; finally, the vehicle cannot be sold and must be exported back out of the country again when you leave.

There are other restrictions and limitations which are very roughly speaking in line with other EU countries. However, there may be some peculiarities unique to Czechia, such as the rules around antiques and the requirements to have two photos of each. Check online to find the latest regulations that apply, and you will prevent any unnecessary delays in your belongings passing through Customs.

Whether you choose our Load & Go or our EasyMoves solution, European Moving can help you with your removal. We shall be able to provide advice on a whole range of removal issues you may not have encountered before.

Moving to Czechia – Visa

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As Czechia is not just a member of the EU, but also part of the Schengen Zone, movement into the country can be remarkably easy.

EU nationals and those holding a Schengen visa don’t require any separate authorisation to enter Czechia for stays of up to 90 days. A few other select countries are also included in this agreement, including Australia, Canada and the US.

EU nationals wishing to stay for longer […]

Moving to Czechia – Transport

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In Czechia, vehicles drive on the right-hand side of the road but getting about isn’t always easy. Despite a well-developed road network, there can be heavy congestion, few parking spaces and narrow streets which also accommodate trams.

For these reasons, most people prefer to use the very reliable public transport.

One of the big benefits of the public transport system in Czechia is that ferries, buses, trams and the metro are all […]

Moving to Czech Republic – Healthcare

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Czechia has an outstanding health service which has been lauded as one of the best in Europe. These high standards coupled with the low cost has made the country very popular with medical tourists.

Czechia nationals and those working for a Czechia employer automatically qualify for state healthcare. Funding comes from contributions by both employees and employers. There are a number of approved insurance funds, all of which broadly provide the […]