Moving to Czechia – Transport

In Czechia, vehicles drive on the right-hand side of the road but getting about isn’t always easy. Despite a well-developed road network, there can be heavy congestion, few parking spaces and narrow streets which also accommodate trams.

For these reasons, most people prefer to use the very reliable public transport.

One of the big benefits of the public transport system in Czechia is that ferries, buses, trams and the metro are all integrated. This means you only need to buy one ticket to access any of these forms of transport and can save money by buying a long-term season ticket.

The metro is the fastest way to get around the city and is clean, safe and reliable, operating from 5 am right through until midnight.

There is also a train system but this is not included in the universal ticketing system and must be purchased separately. There are many types of trains including night trains and express trains, as well as steam trains for a vintage experience.

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